April 7, 2017

Why Can’t We Get This Right?

[The following rant may sound like it’s directed at you - whoever you might be - but it’s not. It’s merely a general note of a trend I’ve seen.]

I’ve noticed over the years that some of the worst people for ignoring ad specs (size, color, file format, etc) are other con-runners. I’ve never quite understood that. As con-runners, most of us have to put together a program book. We take the time to lay out the book and then create a file that specifies what size and format the ads should be submitted in for the book. Well, at least we should be doing it that way, and I think most folks are doing that. And, since some of us even take pride in trying to make the book look attractive, we go to extra effort to get the ad sizes right before we announce the correct formatting.

Well, every year, some of the same folks who scream about making sure the ad sizes and formats are correct for their book, turn around and send in stuff to me that isn’t even close to meeting my ad specs. Now, I could understand it if I hadn’t taken the time to create a web page with all of the relevant information carefully detailed out, so that the advertiser knew what was expected. But I do.

And, I could also understand it if I didn’t provide a link to that page on my social media requests for ads. But I do that, too. Heck, I even have a PDF that I send out when requested. The same PDF that’s available for download on my web page, where the ad specs are listed.

So, here’s my final point. Ad specs exist for a reason and we all know it. We all curse under our breath when ads arrive that are not in the correct format or in the correct size. So, why are we, collectively, so bad at putting together ads that don’t meet the book’s specifications? My challenge to you, my fellow con-runners, is to do a better job of working on meeting the ad specs. And if you have questions, well, you know the drill… ask. I’m pretty sure the program book editor would rather answer your question than get something that doesn’t work in their book.

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